Episode 6: All About Email

The Deets

This week, we are digging in to ways that work email can make you miserable and actionable steps about what to do about it.

We also answer a listener question: what work settings do you work in?

If you ever find yourself shuddering over that next email ding, overwhelmed by your inbox, or even repeatedly checking your email, this episode is for you! We’ll talk about how you may not be using your email well and how to make it work for you.

We shared six email tips:

1. Turn off all notifications

2. Have scheduled check-in times for email. Stick to it!

3. Scan for urgent emails first and leave the rest.

4. Keep emotional conversations out of your inbox.

5. When you check your email, have your to-do list in front of you, and slot in other’s requests in order of priority - don’t just take care of email tasks first.

6. Get off the email response carousel (to keep out of your inbox: scheduling, emotional conversations, task management)


This week, we mentioned several project management systems, including:


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