Are you a busy speech-language pathologist?

Do you feel like you are doing too much and resting too little?

Do you ever just shut your speech room door for a moment of quiet?

You aren't alone. 

This is a space to talk about work, overwhelm, caring for ourselves, and how to deal.

It's quite a ride, and you're invited. 

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Who are we?

We are two speech language pathologists who started and SLP podcast because we wanted to guide you through what we’ve learned and help you feel less alone through your SLP journey.

Sarah and Sarie are SLPs and friends who created a podcast. We are against burnout, overwhelm, perfectionism, and guilt. We are for more calm, boundaries, and letting things go.

Sarah has been an SLP for a long time and Sarie is just getting started. We talk about work, wellness, and keeping your cool in what can be a hectic workplace. This podcast is designed to empower you to succeed, and to encourage you to try something new to increase your calm.

Think of us as your internet SLP besties. We love coffee, SLP shop talk, and Gilmore Girls. Speaking of, if we were Gilmore Girls characters, Sarah would be Lorelei and Sarie would be Sookie. 

Join us on our journey!

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Fun Facts...

Sarah and Sarie both drink their coffee black.

Sarah is a self-professed coffee snob and Sarie's not particular, as long as caffeine is involved.

Sarie's stress food is fruit leather and pretzels. Sarah's stress food is any kind of homemade cookies.

Sarie is a workout warrior and likes anything fast-paced. Sarah is a yogi wannabe and Barre enthusiast.