Episode 48: 80% Happy with Rebecca Reinking of Adventures in Speech Pathology

In this SLP Happy Hour Episode, Rebecca from Adventures in Speech Pahtology talks about working abroad, navigating career change, and becoming 80% happy. #slpeeps #speechtherpay

In this episode, we interview Rebecca Reinking of Adventures in Speech Pathology. In this conversation, we discuss:

  • What it means to Rebecca to be 80% happy

  • Her work in Samoa, Australia, and the US

  • What it’s like to work in another country

  • Rebecca’s secret love of _______ (she’s got them all over her house!)

  • Starting a side gig, and giving it time

For more on Rebecca, visit her blog at: http://adventuresinspeechpathology.com/

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In this episode, Rebecca for Adventures in Speech Pathology discusses working in other countries, navigating change, and becoming 80% happy. Episode 48 of the SLP Happy Hour Podcast. #slpeeps #speechtherapy

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