2019 Goal Check In: How Are We Doing? (Ep. 42)

Did you meet your goals for 2019? Did Sarie and Sarah? In this episode the cohosts follow-up on how they’re both doing with meeting their goals for 2019. Spoiler alert: neither got 100% and they get real about it in their discussion.

What follows is a collection of listener favorite segments including lazy lessons for phonology and articulation, SLP life hacks, and lessons gone wrong!

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Sarah Talks Adoption (Ep. 41)

Sarah is adopting and is ready to talk about it on the podcast!

This is a very special and personal episode for SLP Happy Hour. Sarah opens up to our listeners about something she and her husband have been working towards for years…adopting a child.

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Episode 40: Our Struggle With Overwork & Saying Your Best Yes

Have you wondered what’s out there as far as other job options? Toyed with the idea of quitting your job?

This episode discusses what to consider if you are contemplating a job change, and explores compassion fatigue - and how to tell if you have it.

The cohosts also share 5 tips to consider so you can say your best yes (and say no to everything else) and talk about their experiences with burnout and what they are saying YES to this year.

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Episode 39: Burnout is not Your Fault

Have you struggled with burnout? Or do you know an SLP who has? We know burnout isn’t something unique to SLPs - healthcare and education are both careers with high burnout rates.

What causes burnout? What are the causes of burnout at the organizational level? Why are so many helping professionals burned out? And what can we do about it?

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Episode 38: Getting Honest About Our Friendship

This episode, Sarah and Sarie talk about friendships (including SLP friendships).

How did the co-hosts meet?

What are their most annoying habits?
Do Sarie and Sarah really get along? When there is conflict, what is it about?

How do you know when you need to get space from a friendship?

How do you handle friend break ups?
How well do Sarie and Sarah really know each other? (With a pop quiz!)

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Episode 36: Ten Minutes With Bryony From Salt by the Sea

Our short interview series continues! Up this episode, Bryony Rust from Salt and the Sea. Bryony was joining us for our first live interview all the way from the United Kingdom!

Bryony discusses her area of expertise: helping early communicators with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Bryony shares her philosophy on working with early learners, as well as some tips you can try right away to get started!

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Episode 35: How to Make Friends in a New Town

This episode, Sarah and Sarie talk about how to make friends when you move as an adult. Easier said than done, but not to worry - Sarie and Sarah have a step-by-step process to get you started.

Sarie also shares her road to becoming an SLP, and how she got to where she is today.

The co-hosts also answer a listener question:

Should you follow your passion in your work choice?

This episode also contains some SLP Wisdom, a way to take things off your to-do list.

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Episode 34: How to Manage Mixed Groups with Ease, with Felice of The Dabbling Speechie

In this Episode, we interview Felice Clark from The Dabbling Speechie about how to manage mixed groups.

How can you target multiple goals in one session? How do you take data for groups with different goals? How can you manage behavior and stay organized while targeting so many different objectives?

Felice has got you covered with that, and lesson ideas for mixed groups. Listen in, and be ready to manage your mixed group with more fun and ease!

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