Episode 7: SLPs and Perfectionism, Your First SLP Job


The Deets

This episode, we talk about some SLP advice that has helped us lately, perfectionism in the SLP world, and advice for your first year as an SLP.

Whether you are an SLP student, a new SLP, or someone who has been in the game for a long time, we hope you enjoy this conversation and pick up some tips along the way for managing some common pitfalls in the workplace.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is battling perfectionism as an SLP (aren’t we all?) or who is starting a new job or is starting to work in a new setting and wants to learn some tips for making it through the transition.

What NOT to do in your CF year. Don’t:

1. Be isolated

2. Do it all yourself / figure it out yourself

3. Accept SLP guilt

4. Think you know it all OR think you have to know it all

5. Feel like your CF mentor has to be your primary mentor

6. Surprise a caregiver, family, or parent at a meeting

7. Only share the negative

8. Eat lunch in the break room or office

9. Reply to the emotional conversation right away

10. Continue to deal with a difficult parent  - or coworker - without asking for help

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