Fall Bucket List

It’s September 1, which means we can start talking about Fall here. Chances are, you - like us - are back to work. We are trying our best to prolong those summertime feelings by being a bit more intentional about the season change without letting it pass us by like we’ve done in previous years. So, here’s our bucket list for this fall. We’re sharing here in case it gives you some ideas for your own bucket list.

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Our Favorite SLP Podcasters Share Their Most Listened To Episodes

If you are reading this as it posts, in July-August 2019 we are taking a podcasting break so that we can spend more time with our families and also be intentional about planning and batching work moving forward. We are so excited for what lies ahead for the SLP Happy Hour Podcast!

Especially in the past few years, SLP podcasting has really exploded. There are so many different podcasts covering a variety of specialty areas of practice. For this post, we asked SLP podcasters to share their most downloaded episode so we could share it with you. If you love listening to podcasts as much as we do, check out these episodes to find a new podcast you love.

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Stress and the SLP: What We Are Trying

It’s no surprise that being an SLP can be stressful. Although this job is portrayed at times as giggles and playing games all day, there are also very real demands of productivity, paperwork and billing.

In fact, we’ve polled our audience online and we’ve found nearly 50% is considering a job change (another SLP job in another setting) and more than 50% of our audience has considered leaving the profession.

So, I’m going to guess that you feel a bit stressed and overwhlemed. In fact, we feel that way too (especially this time of year).

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