Stress and the SLP: What We Are Trying

It’s no surprise that being an SLP can be stressful. Although this job is portrayed at times as giggles and playing games all day, there are also very real demands of productivity, paperwork and billing.

In fact, we’ve polled our audience online and we’ve found nearly 50% is considering a job change (another SLP job in another setting) and more than 50% of our audience has considered leaving the profession.

So, I’m going to guess that you feel a bit stressed and overwhlemed. In fact, we feel that way too (especially this time of year).

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Five Things I Didn't Want To Admit About My CF

This blog is essentially a reflection on the life and career lessons I learned during my clinical fellowship (CF) year. My CF year was unique in that, not only did I volunteer for a first year position working with students with complex communication needs, but I also decided to join Sarah Lockhart on a podcasting adventure and openly discuss my experiences during my first year as a speech-language pathologist.

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10 Books To Reflect the Diversity of Your Speech Room

Lately, I’ve realized that the books in my speech room don’t really reflect the diversity of my learners.

What does this mean?
I’m interested in books that have characters that look like my students, which means books featuring characters with a variety of disabilities and races, but also books that reflect different cultures and the culture of my schools as a whole (for example: many of my students are in the foster care system, and need books that feature families that may not look the same or have the same cultural background, to really increase awareness that families look different. This will benefit ALL my learners.

So, what books do I recommend? Here is a list of my top choices!

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