Episode 47: On Millennial Burnout

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This episode explores how the productivity, efficiency, multitasking, and optimization mindset can impact burnout for the millennial generation at work.

How can being a Millennial impact your happiness at work? What are your strengths and weaknesses at work? By understanding some common traits of this generation, you can better understand how you can be happier at work and home.
Discussion topics include:

  • Millennial errand paralysis

  • Social media and this generation

  • Being bored and relaxing - and difficulties with this for this generation

  • Do Millennials have more trouble relaxing than other generations?

  • The “workism” of Millennials

This is a great listen for anyone who is a millennial or who works with Millennials and would like to better understand this generation.

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A discussion for SLPs of the Millennial Generation at work - strengths, weaknesses - and why relaxing can be so difficult (and what to do about it). #slpeeps #speechtherapy