SLP Autumn Reset


Welcome to the SLP Happy Hour Autumn Reset Course

A realistic way to have more fun and less stress this season

This is a five-week course focused on helping you slow down, deepen relationships and enjoy this season.

Is work leaving you feeling tired?

Do you need a dose of new energy in your home life?

Are you feeling the back-to-school stress and blues?

Transitioning from summer to fall is a big transition for many SLPs, and can feel difficult and draining.

Imagine what it would feel like to have a clear, doable, and effective self care program to help you transition into the Autumn. This done-for-you program gives you a weekly focus and self care challenge so you can get started right now.

This course will help you refocus and recharge, and streamline your self care routine. The weekly journal prompts and self care challenges mean you can do the program at your own pace, and you are in the driver’s seat.

“What a great way to start the Fall season! These practical skills and tips are easy to implement in everyday life. Sarah has created a manageable self care/self development program to minimize stress while upping fun and joy!”

Karen S

Each week has a specific focus -

Week 1: Fun & Play

Week 2: Go Slow

Week 3: Let Go

Week 4: Gratitude

Week 5: Mindful Movement & Beyond

“This program allowed me so slow down, be more mindful, and take time to take care of myself. In a career where I focus on other people, I loved the chance to do things just for myself. As a busy SLP, I loved that I didn’t need to spend hours doing the activities - I looked forward to my self care time each week and knew the activities would be fun and really make a difference.”

Heidi B

Some Q & A

What is included in the course?

A 20+ page workbook, five weekly mini-podcasts focusing on a specific topic (listed above), and a weekly self care challenge and worksheet (included in the workbook).

Do I have time for this course?

Each week should take between 30-60 minutes. I’ve gathered weekly challenges that are carefully chosen and are effective - my focus was on choosing activities that will make a difference without taking too much time.

Who is the course for?

If you like the podcast, you are going to love the course.

The program specifically focuses on slowing down, having more fun, and doing less.

If you are feeling overloaded, and would like more time and to move more slowly - the focus of this program is just for you. Each week contains journal prompt questions, a mini podcast (each one is about five minutes long), and a worksheet page with a self care challenge for the week.

Why the Autumn Reset Course?

As a busy SLP (in year 12!) with a private practice clinic, a school contract job, and several side hustles - I know what it’s like to be short on time but to still want to prioritize self care.

This program was created with you in mind - to help you start with a clear focus for your Autumn at a time when you might not have the bandwidth to create a self care program for yourself. Each week, you’ll have small but effective ways to up your self care game.

The Autumn Reset course is designed to get you started as you do less, enjoy more, and let things go. The course is a chance to help you find some regular quiet time and dig into some work that really makes a difference in your daily life. The journaling/self care challenge format means you will really tailor the program to your own life and your own needs. As you dig in and do the work, you’ll make the program yours.


This course will open September 3, 2019. If you’d like details, sign up for our newsletter here.