Episode 9: Take A Break, Sharing Difficult News & a Trick to Flip Your Perspective

This episode answers a listener question:

The job of being an SLP is so busy and I feel like there is always more to do. How do you know when you just need to keep your nose to the grindstone and hustle away at the work, and when it’s time to stop, step away, and take a break?

If you find yourself powering through a season of overwork or deadlines, this is the episode for you. Sarah shares how powering through is sometimes helpful and when she’s had to do it. Sarie shares that powering through is the name of the game for a lot of the CF year. The discussion then moves along to how to have more boundaries and time and when it’s time to not hustle.

We also talk about - what do you do when you are out sick (for more than a day or two) as an SLP?  And we discuss what to do when having difficult conversations with families we work with. What do you do when you need to share news about another possible diagnosis? What do you do when a client doesn't hear what you have to say?

We also discuss negative mantras: what they are, and how to catch yourself in one.

We end with a self care challenge to flip your perspective when times get tough.

Self Care Challenge

To find something you are feeling negative about, and to catch your negative work mantra.

Then, if you are telling yourself a negative story about a work situation nip it in the bud. Look for evidence that your negative mantra isn’t true. Maybe you’ll find it, maybe you won’t. Lastly, reassess your negative mantra to find out if it’s true and if it’s serving you.


Story - The Two Wolves

Movie - The Money Pit

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