Episode 10: Interview with Beautiful Speech Life

The Deets

On this podcast, we answer a listener question - How to do you connect with difficult-to-reach clients? We share our thoughts on everything from building rapport with teenagers, to establishing rapport with adult clients to forming a relationship with young clients with Autism and identifying what they will work for and creating sessions so clients will want to work with us.

We also talk about what is new in our speech room - which is being chronically late this time of year (because we are over booked?) and what we are doing about it.

Sarah shares a lesson gone wrong and what her new nickname is according to a new client. We won't put it in the show notes, but listen in if you are curious.

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This episode, we interview Anne Page of Beautiful Speech life. In case you aren't familiar (in which case, where have you been? Follow her stat!), here's her bio:

Anne is an ASHA certified speech-language pathologist with a Masters of Science from Nova Southeastern University. She's an award winning blogger and international speaker. She has been an SLP at at a Title 1 school for 11 years, and works as a district AAC specialist. Anne is passionate about AAC. She loves the challenge of finding the best communication support system for her students.

On the interview, Anne talks about social media, her newly-opened online AAC academy, what she wishes she'd known starting out with AAC, and her winding path to becoming an SLP.


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