Episode 13: The Love Languages at Work and Home, 3 Essential SLP Lessons, Effectively Teaching Empathy

This episode, we talk about using the love languages at home and work, what we think of them and if they are really important. We also discuss three essential SLP lessons for your first year, and teaching empathy in the schools. This episode is perfect for anyone who is looking for more SLP wisdom and is interested in how other countries teach empathy lessons.

Three Essential Lessons for SLPs

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Sarie also shared the most important things she's learned from the podcast to make it through her tenure as a CF:

1. Check email only twice a day (Episode 6)  
2. Having difficult conversations, and emotionally charged conversations with parents, familie, and caregivers (Episode 1 & Episode 9)
3. Saying No (Episode 3)
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We mention the book Option B, and something Sarah learned about in this book about empathy and the Danish and how empathy is related to happiness. Sarah took this one step further and has been ways to teach empathy in the schools.

Episodes we reference:
Episode 1
Episode 3
Episode 6
Episode 9


The Love Languages for Work
Book: Option B


Klassen Time

on concentration/attention for children who walk/bike to school


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