Episode 12: Jill Shook SLP talks selling on Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) and Private Practice Tips

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The Deets

Listener Question
What do you wear to work?
We talk about outfit formulas, why we don't wear scrubs and capsule wardrobes for our SLP work.  
#Lazy Lesson
Teaching stop and go, ready set go, following 1-step directions with an easy red/green visual and how to do it; and how to use the same red/green visual for behavior and social skills.
Interview with Jill Shook, SLP
Jill Shook on selling on Teacher's Pay Teachers -
What are some Pinterest strategies and tips?
How long does it take to make a material for TPT?
Do Facebook ads for TPT work?
How do you determine your target market for your products?
Is selling on TPT a lucrative side hustle?
Jill Shook on opening a Private Practice clinic -
Who is private practice for?
How much money should you save before starting?
How long does it take to start getting paid in private practice?
What should your first step be to start a private practice?
Jill Shook on Self Care -
Her self care challenge to put away your phone for at least four hours one day a week.


To find Jill Shook, SLP online:
Teachers Pay Teachers
Website www.jillshooktherapy.com
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