Episode 27: Turning Around My Toughest SLP Month

Are you dealing with a tough SLP month? Sarah and Sarie share the stories of their toughest SLP months yet. They share what they struggled with, how they handled it, and what they would do differently next time around. We all struggle, so let's share our experiences so we can navigate these sticky situations with more ease.

They also share what to do when you feel stretched too thin to gain energy and communicate with your coworkers about your workload.

Sarie shares the one student she'll never forget, and what she learned from this particular student to become an even better SLP.

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Episode 26: How to Engage Toddlers with Lia Kurtin from Speech and Language at Home

This episode, an interview with Lia Kurtin of Speech and Language at Home, you'll get your most-asked for toddler questions answered. How do you deal with toddlers who say no? What are some go-to activities to engage toddlers? How do we start those first toddler sessions? Lia shares 5 easy tips for first sessions with toddlers - what to do, what to talk to parents about, and how to engage those little ones in speech and language learning.

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Episode 24: Five Tips for a Calmer Weekend, Attracting & Repelling Clients, is Being an SLP your Identity?

How to Have a Calmer Weekend

Sarah and Sarie try a variety of ways to improve their weekends to get more rest, more fun, and more energy on their weekends. What did they try? What worked? What didn't? You’ll learn 5 tips for having a calmer weekend that have helped the hosts, and we hope they work for you, too.

The hosts also talk about repelling clients - why it's important, and how it helps you attract the right clients for you.  

Also, is it a good idea to identify with your work? Are work and worth related? Should they be?

Sarah shares a series of easy lessons for students with Autism (a done for you workbook that is both affordable and research based).

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