Episode 23: Evening Routines, Job Crafting, and First Year Podcasting Lessons Learned

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In this episode, Sarah and Sarie discuss what a realistic evening routine looks like for SLPs, and what they are trying. Instead of trying long, drawn-out evening routines, they try several recommended routines and keep it real with something that will (hopefully) work for you, too!

They also discuss five lessons learned in their first year of podcasting.

Sarah and Sarie also discuss job crafting. What is it? How can SLPs do it? How might it help SLPs create a job they love even more? They also share their work related goal for 2019. Can they stay accountable?

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Priya Parker, The Art of Gathering

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SLPs: How can you create a realistic evening routine? What are the components of a relaxing and productive evening routine that sticks? #slpeeps #speechtherapy
SLPs: What is job crafting? How can it help you be happier at work? Plus realistic evening routines for SLPs. #speechtherapy #slpeeps