Episode 43: How To Deal with Impostor Syndrome as an SLP

Episode 43 of SLP Happy Hour podcast, how to deal with Impostor Syndrome as an SLP, figure out what to do when you feel impostor syndrome as an SLP and what to do next. #slpeeps

Introducing SLP Life Happens a solo episode series with Sarah! In today’s episode Sarah is talking about imposter syndrome. Have you ever experienced self-doubt, feeling like somehow you are a fraud or not good enough?

Most of us feel imposter syndrome at some point in our profession. Sarah shares about times when she has experienced these feelings and offers tips to deal with these feelings when they pop up.

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SLP Happy Hour Podcast - How to deal with impostor syndrome as an SLP. As SLPs our scope of practice is broad, and our to-do lists are long. This can lead to overwhelm and impostor syndrome - or feeling like a fake or a fraud. Is this a normal part of being an SLP? Is there anything we can do about this? Step by step advice for times of feeling these "fraudy feelings" as an SLP. #slpeeps #speechtherpy