10 Items on Our Summer Bucket List

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Can You Complete these 10 Summer Bucket List Items This Summer?

Ah, summer. Some of us are still working, some of us are working less (me) and some of us get the summers off of working completely (Sarie - mostly - but she'll work very part time in home health this month).

Here’s the thing – summer is short. If you don’t grab it by the you-know-what, it’ll pass by before you know it. So, Sarie and I are creating a summer bucket list and inviting you in on the challenge. Feel free to steal some of ours or create your own.

Here's our list, plus a score card where we get really honest about whether or not we've met our goals.

Progress parameters: (met, not yet, not even close)


1. Meditate for Ten Minutes Daily

Met, ongoing

2. Work out, 30-40 minutes, 5x daily

Met, ongoing - thanks to Barre classes!

3. Meal Prep Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks Daily (prep the night before)

Not even close - I'm struggling big time with this one! If you've got tips to stay consistent here, let me know! I'll be great for a week only to skip it the next week.

4. Read 2-3 Books each Month

Met! Thanks to using my library membership, it has been more like two books a week.

5. Stick to a House Cleaning Schedule with Daily Tasks

Not even close - again, consistency is really difficult for me! I end up just doing all my cleaning on weekends, which is what I'm trying to get away from.


1. Redo Landscaping in Front of the House

Not Yet - putting some flowers in a planter counts, right? ;)

2. Hike Mt McLoughlin

Not Yet - this is the highest point in Southern Oregon and I can see it daily on my drives, which makes me even  more motivated to finish this day hike.

3. Finish Decorating the House

Not Even Close - we've lived here two years, but some days I don't even know where to start with decorating!

4. Organize Photos

Not Yet - I've got a bunch printed up that need to go into albums.

5. Journal Regularly

Not Yet - I've done this in the past, but it has been years. I love writing in a journal as a creative exercise and way to get my thoughts out on paper.

It's not too late!

So, as you can see we still have pretty far to go in our bucket lists. If you create your own, please let us know by tagging us on social media #slphappyhour - we'd love to see what you come up with!

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