Fall Bucket List

It’s September 1, which means we can start talking about Fall here. Chances are, you - like us - are back to work. We are trying our best to prolong those summertime feelings by being a bit more intentional about the season change without letting it pass us by like we’ve done in previous years. So, here’s our bucket list for this fall. We’re sharing here in case it gives you some ideas for your own bucket list.


Go to an Outdoor Concert

Maybe this is more of a summer thing? But the thing is, I didn’t do this during the summer and really missed it. I think part of why it didn’t happen is the planning ahead part - making it somewhere at a specific day/time and the other part is my summer involved a lot of traveling so we honestly weren’t home a ton.

Spend Evenings on the Back Deck

Now that it’s not as hot, I want to use our back deck more often. It gets evening shade, and sits right next to a huge apple tree. In the fall, the leaves rustle in the wind in the evenings, and the windfall apples go THWUMP-THWUMP as they move from branch to ground. Our deck also overlooks our vegetable garden, which is slowing down this time of year, but is still pretty lush and green.

Make Apple Cider & A New Apple Recipe

We’ve got several apple trees, and it’s amazing how many apples they produce. The trees make more than we can eat, and many of the apples aren’t great for eating out-of-hand anyway (bruised, worms) since we don’t use spray. I’d love to make apple cider with a friend’s apple press and maybe try some new apple recipes (apple turnovers? a new apple pie recipe?) or just the old standby - apple crumble and canned apple pie filling.

October: Watch Hocus Pocus

Confession? I’m not much of a Halloween person. I don’t have anything against Halloween, I just never got into it. However, being a homebody and watching my favorite Halloween-themed movie at home? I can get into that.

Have Friends Over For Dinner (at least once a month!)

I love cooking, and once I get over my fear of people thinking I have a messy house, I really enjoy having people over. I find sitting across the table from friends is one of the best ways to build connections and community. It’s something that honestly doesn’t happen as much as I’d like because (like the concerts), I have to plan ahead. But I’m committed to this one!


My Brother’s Wedding

I am so excited that my little brother is getting married this Fall. The location is beautiful, the happy couple is looking forward to the event, and I’m excited (and nervous) to be taking the wedding photos. I think it’s going to be a lovely family event, and It’s something I’ve been looking forward to!

Streamline Screenings and Re-Screenings

On the work front, I’m working on finding faster, better screenings and a better way to track who has been screened, and who needs to be re-screened when. If you’ve got a great system for that, reach out to us! I’d love to hear your ideas.

Plan a Seattle Trip

Pikes Place Market, awesome coffee, and great food - Seattle has so much to offer. Even better? I’ve got family and friends there I’d love to see. Driving to Seattle is a two-day trip from where we live, so I’ll have to plan ahead to make this one happen, but I’d love to reconnect with my Seattle peeps!

Purge Grad School Notes, Books & Things I No Longer Need

Did you keep your textbooks, binders and notes after grad school? I know a lot of SLPs admit to having a huge box in the garage. For me, I’d like to keep what I need and purge the rest. Will I be emotionally connected to my grad school text books and notes? Will it be hard to get rid of them? Maybe - but it’s going to feel great when it’s done!

Update Framed Photos on Walls

I love the jolt of happiness I get from looking at framed photos on the walls, but I have some beautiful travel photos and professional family photos I’d love to include. Hopefully it’s a quick project, and I know I’ll love looking at my walls once it’s done!

What’s on your bucket list?

If you have a Fall Bucket list, we’d love to know what’s on it! We also love this printable from A Beautiful Mess for keeping track, you can find it here.

What's on your Fall Bucket List? In this blog post, the SLP Happy Hour podcast co-hosts share 10 fall bucket list items, to inspire you to have your best Fall yet. #slpeeps #speechtherapy