10 Easy Lesson Must Haves

Are you looking for some easy lessons for your speech room? If so look no further. Here are our go-to materials to plan easy lessons, including how we use them!

Looking for easy, no-prep speech therapy lessons? Here are some fundamentals to get started on creating easy lessons without spending hours lesson planning or spending all your money on resources and materials!

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Sticky Ball/Suction Cup Ball

We use suction cup balls nearly every day at SLP Happy Hour headquarters. Draw a target on the whiteboard, do your speech task, and then throw your suction cup ball onto the target. Students especially like doing this game with a points system (usually we draw three rings with increasing points).

Post it Notes

We use Post It Notes to work on location objects (Where is the pink sticky note? Under the chair!), but we also use them for students to track their own productions and tally their speech sounds.

Giant Soft Dice

We usually make up a game to play with the soft dice that involves some sort of a point system. This can be used for articulation, language or just a movement break (roll a five = do 5 jumping jacks) - or a combination of all of the above.

For these lessons we usually have a point system going. For example, roll a five say your words five times, roll a six and get a token, etc. Have fun with this - and it’s fine to make it up on the spot!

Sarie does a fun version of this where two numbers are special - you can earn an ice cream cone or scoop (drawn on a piece of paper) and whoever gets the most amount of scoops wins.

Markers & Paper

We use markers every single day in our speech groups. Examples of activities: sequence a story, draw visual choices for WH questions, create quick picture scenes for following directions or on-the-spot visual supports.

Of course, markers work great, but we love colorful flair pens as well.

Mini Erasers

The trick here is to find a set that has tons of different choices of objects. We use mini erasers for tokens, bingo chips, and also for following directions tasks (i.e. “put the soccer ball under the football”). Here is an option with animals and here is another with fruits and vegetables.

YouTube Videos

Looking to build your toys and materials in your speech room? This blog post explores 10 items we use every day in our speech room! #slpeeps #speechtherapy

Are your students obsessed with YouTube? Ours too! We use videos for sequencing, social skills problem solving, and identifying the main idea. You can visit our Pinterest account for more ideas.

Reusable Sticker Scenes

These sticker scenes are a hit with our younger learners for tasks like: location concepts, answering where questions, describing, and categorizing. Here’s one option with habitats, jungle and farm, and fairies/castles.

Boogie Board

The Boogie Board has totally changed how we take data! We can write notes and tallies during the session, enter it in to our electronic data keeping system after the session, and erase everything with the press of a button. We’ve also heard that a Rocket Book is the next step of sophistication there, but haven’t tried them yet.

Dry Erase Dice

Just like the foam dice, there are just so many uses for dry erase dice! You can write present tense verbs, roll and then switch it up to past tense. You can write a temporal or location word on them or a WH question form (when, how), roll and create a direction or ask and answer a WH question from there. The options are endless. You can use a standard dry erase dice, or this fun option.

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