10 (Non SLP) Podcasts I Love

As an SLP and a podcaster, I absolutely love listening to podcasts. In fact, I tend to get a bit caught up in the SLP podcast world. However, most of the podcasts I listen to aren’t SLP podcasts.

Why not?

I love SLP podcasts.

However, sometimes I find myself wanting to listen to something that isn’t work related at all. There are so many good podcasts out there, so I don’t exclusively listen to SLP shows.

If you are looking for a new podcast to listen to, here are my top 10 suggestions.

I hope to do another blog post in the future with SLP-themed recommendations, but here are my top ten favorite podcasts that I find myself listening to again and again.

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15 Great Speech Therapy Podcasts

Are you looking for some great podcasts for speech-language pathologists? The number one question people ask me is for podcast recommendations. Since I’m a daily podcast listener (while working out, cleaning, commuting), I’ve got a few favorites. Of course, I couldn’t leave out our own podcast - SLP Happy Hour.

Take a listen and find out which is your favorite!

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Five Ways To Be a Less Waste SLP: For Beginners

I reached out to ask Kate to write a post about creating less waste as SLPs, since this is something I’ve been trying to do myself, with mixed results. Between prizes, laminating, and throwing away straws and tongue depressors, I feel like I create more waste in my own speech room than I’d like. I follow Kate on her Less Waste Instagram account and I’ve enjoyed her realistic and do-able approach. I never feel judged by Kate for creating waste, but instead she inspires me to become a better SLP, by creating less garbage. I’m so ready to reduce my speech room waste in the coming year. How about you?

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