My First Year of Podcasting: Five Helpful Lessons Learned

The SLP Happy Hour podcast is just about one year old.

I remember my ideas about podcasting before I started: I’ll be more visable online (I was a bit nervous about that part), I’m not sure if anyone will listen, it sounds like hard work, I know the podcast won’t be for everyone…

For me a bit part of getting things started was just going for it. Did I know how it was going to turn out? Absolutely not! But I’ve absolutely enjoyed the process.
As I reflect on my first year podcasting, I wanted to write some of my thoughts about the process and what I’ve learned. I hope this helps you get a peek into what podcasting is really like, as well as some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

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Four (New) SLP Gift Ideas

Are you an SLP or an SLP to be?

This post outlines four gifts for some SLPs in your life (or for yourself!), including gifts for beauty lovers, tea lovers, coffee lovers, and SLPs on the go.

Also, I love having SLP gifts on hand for coworkers and SLPs who've helped advise me, meet me for coffee when I need to decompress, or offered paperwork advice.

Then again, sometimes it's just nice to treat yourself (Parks and Rec anyone?) to something nice.

Here are four gift ideas for SLPs, and I think you'll find one here that you (or your SLP friend/loved one) will love!

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3 Done-For-You Gift Formulas for SLPs

Buying a gift for a speech-language pathologist can be pretty tricky. Until recently, there hasn’t been many SLP-themed gift options around. Now, there are plenty of choices for fun (and functional) gifts for SLPs.

To make life easier, I’ve made three SLP gift formulas for you. What does that mean? It means I’ll offer some suggestions and you can swap out items easily for something that you know your SLP gift recipient will like.

For me, giving gifts with a formula in mind makes shopping a whole lot quicker (and easier!). So let’s get to it – here are my three gift suggestions!

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The 5 Most Common Podcasting Mistakes - And How to Avoid Them

There are a lot of great podcasts out there.

I love podcasts, and recently subscribed to more than 30 of them - until podcasts were taking up all of my phone memory and I had to cull my collection. It was mandatory, since my phone stopped actually working because its memory was so overloaded with podcast episodes. I still subscribe to more than 15, and my phone is in working order again, thankfully.  

As I've listened to podcasts, and created my own podcast, I've learned a lot about what makes a podcast easy (and enjoyable) to listen to, and what has me hitting the unsubscribe button.

I'll outline the five most common podcast mistakes here, with suggestions of what you can do to avoid them.  Some of these mistakes I've learned from personal experience, and some I've heard other podcasters make. Whether you have a podcast, are thinking about it, or are just interested in podcasting - this post is all about how to create an easy-to-listen-to podcast, and your listeners will thank you later for making their experience more enjoyable.

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