Introducing the SLP Nourish Crate!

2019 Spring/Summer Crate Available for Pre-Order in Limited Quantities

Order by April 15 to receive your crate in June



This self-care crate is for SLPs who would enjoy a delightful box of surprise items, to be shipped in June.

This crate is designed to help you rest, relax, and bring some simplicity and joy into your daily life.

There are two box size choices for US residents and one box size for crates shipped to Canada.


A surprise box for hard working SLPs who need a little TLC.

Items currently being considered for the crate: a notebook embossed with “SLP,” a healthy snack, a delightful sweet treat, a natural face mask, an encouraging pin, soap, homemade soap, stickers, a makeup pouch/pencil pouch, and a fun book.

Products will be natural and/or organic whenever possible.



Orders are due by April 15, and we’ll mail out the crates May 31.

The cart will close April 15, meaning we won’t take orders after that date.

FYI, this is a one-time only crate. For now, we aren’t planning on doing more crates later. Instead, we want to create a one-time gift for SLPs transitioning into summer.

What else?

You can feel free to get a box for you or for a friend. We don’t share exactly what’s in the box, but we are sharing (here and on our store page) items that are currently up for consideration.

There are no refunds on boxes since once they are shipped, they are shipped. There will be several items in each box, so if you don’t like one of the products, please re-gift them to a friend who might enjoy them! That said, we think you’ll like them all. These items were very carefully chosen and we think you’ll love your box!


Frequently Asked Questions

When can I get my summer crate?

We will ship by May 31.

What’s in the crate?

It’s a surprise. There will be 5+ items each time. Items will be handpicked and natural and/or organic whenever possible. The mini crate will have about 5 items, and the full-sized crate will have around 7-9 items, with some higher-priced items inside. The total number of items may vary, but will be based on the total price of the box and the individual items inside (i.e. there may be fewer but more expensive items, depending on what cool stuff we find).


Is this a subscription or a reoccurring charge?

Nope! For a one-time payment, you’ll get our summer crate. If there are crates in the future, we’ll let you know.

What if I have allergies?

Email after your order with any allergies. That said, due to the volume of boxes, we can’t guarantee that items won’t be made in a facility that is allergen free, so read all the ingredients before using items in your box.


What about the price?

Our mini box is $40 and our full-sized box is $60, prices include shipping. The Canada box is $60, which also includes shipping.

There’s a box for every budget. That said, because of the cost of shipping on our end (about $10 per box in the US and about $32 per box to Canada ), the full-sized box has many more items inside (and a higher percentage of the cost is going towards getting more items), and the Canada Crate will have different items (mainly smaller-sized items that can fit into a small box, to save on shipping costs).

What about the items? We don’t want to give you more junk! We also don’t want to give you items you’ll only use once (other than the food treats, of course), or items that are cheaply made and that will break right away. Our hope is you’ll experience a lot of relaxation and a little bit of luxury with these boxes.

Ready to buy?