3 Done-For-You Gift Formulas for SLPs

Buying a gift for a speech-language pathologist can be pretty tricky. Until recently, there hasn’t been many SLP-themed gift options around. Now, there are plenty of choices for fun (and functional) gifts for SLPs.

To make life easier, I’ve made three SLP gift formulas for you. What does that mean? It means I’ll offer some suggestions and you can swap out items easily for something that you know your SLP gift recipient will like.

For me, giving gifts with a formula in mind makes shopping a whole lot quicker (and easier!). So let’s get to it – here are my three gift suggestions!

I’ve sprinkled in some products from my self-care shop, and these products would be great not only for SLPs but for SLP students, SLP Assistants, and educators (especially special educators). Let’s get to it!

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The Beauty Lover

People First Water bottle + Mascara + Lip Gloss + Nail Polish

Our “People First” water bottle is the perfect gift for someone who is always putting others first. This is a sturdy stainless steel container with two toppers – one for easy drinking and one to avoid spills. No one at the office (or in the classroom) will mistake her water bottle for theirs with this unique design!

And, to help her add in some self care time, I’ve added mascara, lip gloss and nail polish to this gift.

This is one I’d love getting, and your gift recipient will probably love as well!


The Chic Office Supply Lover

Growing Tote + Gel Pens or Flair Pens + A Cool Notepad

This is for the SLP who likes things around the office to look pretty. She might have a flair pen addiction, and you always see her writing herself reminders or to-do lists (especially at the office). This would also be a perfect gift for an SLP student.

The “Growing” tote (from our shop) will be a daily reminder that even though we don’t know it all yet, we can keep growing in our knowledge and clinical skills. Totes are perfect for SLPs and students, who frequently travel from place to place with a load of items. In addition, the pens and notepad will be perfect for writing out reminders and to-do lists.

As far as gifts go, this is a pretty safe one. Honestly, every SLP I know would love getting this particular gift. There is so much to do as an SLP that having fun items to tote supplies around or write out your to-do list is a huge plus.


The Coffee Lover/The Tea Lover

(Schwa) Never Stressed Mug + Their Favorite Coffee (or Tea!)

This is for the SLP who is always drinking a warm beverage, or a student who is caffeine fueled all day long.

The “(Schwa) Never Stressed” mug (from our shop) is a cute linguistics joke that’ll bring some levity to those long hours working (or studying). The coffee or tea you include will be an appreciated (and necessary!) part of daily SLP life.


SLP Gifts

If you’d like more ideas, visit our sticker shop or our online t-shirt/mug shop for more gifts.

I hope this post provided you with some helpful ideas for SLP gifts that are sure to be well-received. I’d love getting any of these gifts myself, and plan on giving some of these gifts this upcoming holiday season!